Building Trades Program

The HCBA is all about giving back to promote educational programs that provide quality training and on-the-job experience for our next generation of builders and tradesmen. Members of the Hill Country Builders Association work with local area high schools' CTE Building Trades education programs to give students hands-on experience and on-the-job knowledge. HCBA fundraisers also raise funds for academic scholarship programs that enable our next generation of builders and tradesmen to pursue further education.


HCBA members have joined forces with local high school building trades programs to revitalize construction career training education. Students work closely with local builders, trade partners and suppliers that serve as mentors while they earned school credit building fully functional tiny homes from the ground up.

We’re all about donating our time to promote pride in building craftsmanship and to teach kids valuable life skills. We’ve aimed to create a model program at Fredericksburg High School that high schools around the nation can follow.

Richard Laughlin

Committee Chair for the Wine Country, HCBA Trades Program

High school career education programs such as the FHS Building Trades courses not only provide students with the opportunity to gain on-the-job training, but also are designed to address the nationwide labor shortage affecting the entire U.S. building industry. The Department of Labor reports that for every five skilled tradesmen that retire, only one will enter the workforce.

Couple the shortage of labor with the remarkable community growth in the Central Texas Hill Country, and you’ve got a high-demand construction job market.

Our hope is that the concept house program will spark students’ interest in pursuing rewarding careers within the building industry following graduation.

Dwight Batch

Chairman , Highland Lakes Building Trades Committee

The HCBA is currently working with local area high schools in Fredericksburg, Burnet and Comfort, and plans to implement similar career education programs at other high schools across Texas.

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Dwight Batch

Highland Lakes region
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