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The Hill Country Builders Association offers a number of avenues for networking and marketing your products and services. Our sponsorship’s and advertising options provide the opportunity to engage in targeted marketing to other businesses and homeowners throughout the Central Texas Hill Country. Reach the right audience through a variety of mediums and earn credibility via online/print/radio, social media, fundraiser event sponsorship’s and more.







Get Even More from your sponsorship dollars by becoming a “HCBA PARTNER.”


To become a HCBA Partner your company must commit to the total sponsorship amount, and your down payment & Event Menu (last page) must be received by the HCBA on or prior to January 8, 2021. All remaining balances needs to be paid in full by Jan 31, 2021


Please return the menu page with your selections and your down payment to [email protected] 




   Parade of Homes

   BBQ Cook Off

   HomePac Casino Night



Golf Tournament – Supporting Trade Education



                                                                                       Sporting Clay Shoot – Supporting Trade Education

                                                                                       Bowling Tournament – Support Trade Education




*Publication & Web Advertising Do Not Apply to Partner Status





Be a featured Parade Builder! What better way to showcase your expertise and design directly to over 1500 tour visitors that walk through the Parade homes over 2 weekends in October. Parade builders average 4+ new project leads. Compete among other homes in your price category for the renowned Parade Builder Awards. Includes logo and bio on HCBA website and branding presence online/ Facebook/ print/ radio/ parade signage. Earn brand recognition by touching over 134,000 on social media and reach thousands via radio and print ads.

Showcase your offerings – become a Parade Partner!

Display your craftsmanship and products/services directly to over 1500 interested Parade attendees. Reps may staff the home(s) and demo/display their products and services. Includes presence on HCBA website/ Twitter/ Facebook/ print/ radio/ parade signage and more.

  • Title sponsor… $5k 
  • Corporate sponsor… $1000 (5 avail)
  • Parade Builder… $3500 per home
  • Parade builder partner… $350 per home

HCBA HomPac Casino Night

Fun evening event held 3rd Thursday in August
This is our annual HomePac event. The Texas Association of Builders’ (TAB) political action committee is essential part of the advocacy program at TAB. HOMEPAC provides contributions in support of pro-housing candidates for both statewide offices and the Texas Legislature. As state and local laws regulations become an ever-increasing presences in your day-to-day business, HOMEPAC works to ensure that the voice of the home building and development industry is heard by lawmakers. The strength and ability of our industry to impact public policy decisions affecting your business depends solely on your participation and contributions. Raffle prizes, Friends & Fun held the 3rd Thursday in August. Must be 21 to attend. $40 Entry Per person, food and drinks included in ticket. Corporate donations are not accepted. Contributions to the Texas Association of Builders HomePac are voluntary, not tax deductible, and are used for political purpose.

  • Title Sponsor… $2500 (Exclusive)
    Company name & logo in event title, logo on
    social media & print ads, flyers, signage
  • Table Sponsor… $500 (8 avail)                                                                                        Advertisement & logo on table signage
  • Craps Table Sponsor… $1000                                                                                                  Advertisement & logo on table signage
  • Roulette Table Sponsor… $750                                                                                       Advertisement & logo on table signage
  • Drink Sponsor….$500
  • Meal Sponsor…..$500                                                                                                                 Dining area logo table tents and area banner
  • Raffle Items… $250 (10 avail)                                                                               Recognition/logo on Raffle item

Wine Country Sporting Clay's Tourney

Competitive Shooting Tournament held at the Neilsen Ranch on 3rd Saturday in April.

Fundraiser supports the FBG High School Building Trades education program. BBQ lunch provided at awards reception, BYOB. 

  • Title Sponsor… $1000 (2 avail) 
    Company name & logo included in event title, logo included in all social media, web and print advertising, 
  • Station Sponsor Shooter Teams of 4… $500 (12 avail) Shooting station sponsor with banner & logo
  • Snacks Sponsor… $300
    Logo and acknowledgement on welcome note in snack bags. Incl your company literature in bags.
  • Breakfast Sponsor… $250 (2 avail.) Logo on event banners, table tents & website
  • T-shirt Sponsor… $500 Company logo on staff shirts & banners & website
  • Raffle Table Sponsor……. $500 Banner with Sponsor logo at Raffle table
  • Gun raffle sponsor …….$500 (3 avail) Recognition/logo on HCBA website & raffle table
  • Shooter only teams of 4… $360 12 stations, BBQ lunch, beverages, BYOB

Wine Country Bowling Tourney

Family-friendly event held at BB’s in Fredericksburg. 10 lanes with 10 teams of 4. Fundraiser benefits the FBG High School Building Trades Education project. Prizes for highest & lowest score.

  • Title Sponsor… $500 (Exclusive)                                                                                                Company name & logo included in event title, logo included in all social media, web and print advertising
  • Lane Sponsor… $200 (10 avail) Company name displayed on lane banner
  • Beverage Sponsor… $250 (2 avail) Table tents with sponsor logo
  • Food Sponsor… $300 Table tents with sponsor logo
  • Strike Now Sponsor… $200 Logo on strike now banner
  • Raffle item donations Recognition/logo on raffle table
  • Team of 4… $200 (10 team slots) Incl. 2 rounds of bowling, 2 drink tix and pizza


Family friendly 2-day BBQ event/competition held in February
Two-day BBQ competition held at a beautiful Stonewall Ranch. Last year the annual BBQ had 24 teams competing for best of categories, jackpots & chili contest. BYOB. Cash prizes. Friends & Family Fri and open to the public Saturday. General Admissions Tickets $10 Gates Open at 10am.

  • Title Sponsor… $2000 (Exclusive)
    Company name & logo in event title, logo on
    social media & print ads, flyers, signage, awards, t-shirts
  • Band Sponsor…$500 (3 avail)
  • Awards Sponsor… $500
    Includes logo on awards and HCBA website
  • Koozies Sponsor… $500
  • Raffle Table… $250
  • Porta Potty / Trash Sponsor… $750
  • Judges Supplies Sponsor… $250 (4 avail.)
    Logo & recognition on tent signage, tables and
    HCBA website.
  • Partner Sponsors… $150 (Unlimited)
    Logo on tournament banner & HCBA website
  • Washer Tourney Sponsor… $250
    Logo & recognition on tourney signage, awards
    and HCBA website.
  • Raffle item donations
  • Liquor wagon… $300
  • Green egg… $500
  • Guns…… $500 (4 avail.)

Highland Lakes Golf Tourney

Golf tournament held on the First Monday in June at renowned Horseshoe Bay Resort.
4-person scramble at nationally-ranked Horseshoe Bay Resort with awards reception. Tourney sold out last year with player waitlist. Benefits the Burnet and Marble Falls high school building trades education programs. *All sponsorship include company logo on website & event banners, 1 reception meal & 4 drink tix. Prizes for ‘Closest to the Pin’ and Best Score. Handicapped.

  • Title Sponsor …….$2000 Company name & logo included in event title, logo included in all social media, web and print advertising, 
  • Beer Cart Sponsor… $500 (4 avail) Advertisement & logo on beer cart signage 
  • Golfer Snacks Sponsor. $300 (1 avail) Logo and acknowledgement on welcome note in bags. Includes company literature in bags. 
  • Hole-in-One Sponsor… $500 (1 avail) Reps can staff hole and offer demos/ displays of products & services. Logo on hole signage. 
  • Hole Sponsor… $500 (17 avail) Reps can staff hole and offer demos/ displays of products & services. Logo on hole signage. 
  • Driving Range Sponsor ………$500 Reps can staff hole and offer demos/ displays of products & services. Logo on hole signage. 
  • Meal Sponsor… $500 (2 avail) Dining area logo table tents and area banner. 
  • Golf Cart Fleet Sponsor… $750 (1 avail) Logo and company message displayed on all golf carts 
  • Supporting Trades Sponsor… $150 (unlimited) Logo on tournament banner & HCBA website. (*meal and drink tickets not included)
  • Raffle Gun Sponsor….. $500  (3 avail)  Recognition/logo on HCBA website & raffle table
  • Raffle Putter Sponsor…… $250 (2 avail) Recognition/logo on HCBA website & raffle table
  • Player… $150 1 round of golf, meal, goody bag, 4 drink tix; includes greens and golf fees


The HCBA uses thousands of water bottles annually to stock the offices, fundraiser events, mixers, board meetings and education classes. Contributing to our annual water needs allows your company’s logo and message to reach all of our members and event guests throughout the year…

$1000 for 65 cases (2 avail.)


Sponsor a mixer and showcase/demo your products. Great way to network and get your products/services in front of builders and associates. Mixers may be hosted at HCBA offices, at your business or an event venue.

  • HCBA Mixer Host… $250 (+ cost of food/bevs)
    Mixer title sponsor, logo on event flyers, recognition online, representation at event
  • HOMEPAC Fundraiser Washer Tourney Mixer
    Highland Lakes… Wine Country… 


  • Lunch & Learns… $250
    Opportunity to showcase your product or service and/or opportunity to hold an education class. Sign up a lunch co-sponsor to help cover the cost of providing lunch and drinks. 1 hour slots.


Parade of Homes & Find A Contractor



Parade of Homes & Find A Contractor Is the official publication of the premiere Hill Country Parade of Homes Tour in October. Parade of Homes features all of the homes in the 2020 Parade Tour. The 48 page publication features expert tips and a range of editorial content, reaching Parade go-ers from local areas as well as visitors from across Texas. Find A Contractor section is designed to reach a broader consumer audience and serves as a comprehensive and credible consumer resource guide that lists our 300+ HCBA contractors and retail member partners. All HCBA members are listed in the directory.
Circulation of 3000 – 48 PAGE

Let us help you reach your marketing goals! We’re happy to discuss your individual business’ wants and needs and will work within your budget to create the perfect outreach plan. Contact the HCBA today!

Kris Pelky

Executive Director
o. 830.798.2266 – [email protected]

About the HCBA

The Hill Country Builders Association (HCBA) is a nonprofit professional member organization dedicated to promoting, advocating and supporting the building and trades industries. The three HCBA divisions (Marble Falls, Fredericksburg and Kerrville) provide community education programs which focus on industry best practices and career development initiatives within the Central Texas Hill Country region.