What’s Trending in Hill Country Home Design

Color Splash

High contrast pallets with rich jewel tones are making their way onto walls and moldings in a big way for 2018. The use of bold and bright colorful accents can make a space come life. Hues of ocean blue, lipstick red or vibrant green painted on an old wooden hutch can transform an otherwise bland piece of furniture into a visually interesting showcase piece.

Another chic and easy way to incorporate colorful patterns into your home decor is by adding geometric throws. And when it comes to choosing your wall and trim paint colors, go for a darker or contrasting trim and window outline to punctuate and call attention to unique features.

Photo: Whimsical kitchen adorned in Oceanside, Sherwinn William’s 2018 Color of the Year.

Create Your Own Personal Oasis

Life is fast-paced and often hectic, so why not create a calming and restful space within your own home? Evoke a sense of peace and tranquility in the master bedroom by forgoing bold and busy. Instead opt for soothing, neutral colors with soft fabrics and simple furniture pieces. Lavenders and muted olive-green tones pair beautifully with natural earth toned accent pieces.

From the Ground Up

Flooring trends are moving toward lighter palettes, especially in domestic American woods like maple, pine and hickory. Blond and whitewashed woods are a great choice for brightening interior spaces while hiding imperfections, making them ideal for households with kids and pets. For a vintage look, distressed or wire-brushed wood offers a rustic yet clean appearance, and using 5-inch-wide planks will create a sense of openness.

Finishes that Add Character

Natural earthy materials such as stone, copper, concrete and quartz bring a grounded yet serene ambiance. In fact, sleek quartz products are quickly gaining popularity for use in kitchens and throughout the home. The plus — durable quartz provides a modern and clean look in a variety of colors and patterns without the need for refinishing. Kelly Schumann, co-owner of Schumann Granite in Fredericksburg sees more Hill Country homeowners moving towards using engineered stone as well as contemporary and simple designs with clean cuts.
According to Conan Scott, builder/co-owner of Outland Construction in Kerrville, another popular aspect to home finishings is the use of creative lighting. Ceiling cove lights, pendants and lighting from under to inside and above cabinets are all becoming standard requests from customers. And even though the initial price is higher for LED lights, Scott͛s customers are realizing the benefit of long-term cost-savings through installing energy-efficient LED͛s both inside and on the exterior of the home.

For a boost in curb appeal, updating an existing garage door is a quick and easy way to give your home a facelift. Albert Rodriguez with TX Overheard Doors in Burnet suggests using full view garage doors with glass panels to achieve a
modern look. Traditional custom wood overhead doors come in a variety of stains, patterns and finishes, and there͛s always the option of using the less expensive ͚faux wood͛ metal doors.

Finishes that Add Character

Rustic͛s popularity has recently made a conscious movement towards a more urban-inspired refined farmhouse look. Barn-style sliding doors with chunky hardware, floating bathroom vanities and exposed spiral ducts are just some of the trends Scott is seeing more frequently in Hill Country homes. To get the complete refined yet rustic look, you can͛t go wrong with blending warm wood colors with fresh whites, modern gold tones, vintage lighting, trough sinks and cement elements. Shaker cabinets with modern pulls compliment the look.

Photo: Parade home master bath, Gary S. Slaton Construction, People’s Choice Award winner for 2017 Hill Country Parade of Homes.

Photo: Parade home kitchen, Lemburg House, 2017 Hill Country Parade of Homes

Just the Right Amount of Glam

To warm up the industrial feel of metal, pair fixtures with a natural stone like marble or limestone, and look for unexpected finishes like matte black, satin brass, black nickel and unlacquered brass. Amp up visual interest another notch by layering metals across a variety of locations, from faucets to hardware to furniture. Mirrors aren͛t the only means to adding light and sparkle to a space. Used sparingly, metallic hardware can brighten a room and make it feel luxurious. Stick with similar tones such as silver and chrome for a more contemporary look. Go for brass, copper and gold to achieve a warmer feel, while brushed metal accents are always stunning in a rustic setting. Get creative by pairing black brushed metal fixtures with a white tile backsplash, white countertop and gray sink. Complete the fresh clean look by using subtle variations in paint colors and finishes on cabinets, wall and trim. Consider using larger tiles on a backsplash to open up the space.

Photo: A variety of metallic fixtures are featured at the Facets showrooms in Marble Falls and Fredericksburg.

Concrete Can be Stunning

From fireplaces to bath tubs to geometric concrete tiles, the uses of concrete inside the home are numerous and growing. Not only can interior concrete flooring be scored and stained to look just like tile but concrete also serves as a cost-saving alternative to other flooring option. Depending on your style of home, concrete wall paneling or flooring can complement antique furnishings and highlight contemporary design features.

Element 7 Concrete, based in Marble Falls, installs exterior and interior concrete floors made out of the home’s foundation that are efficient, easy to clean and timeless

Moving Towards Sustainability

Almost everyone is moving towards making informed eco-conscience decisions, and Todd Eidson, builder/owner of Sierra Custom Homes in Fredericksburg, knows just how to incorporate greener lifestyle options into his customers͛ Hill Country home projects. Eidson recommends installing whole-house rainwater collection systems that store an average of 30,000 gallons of usable/drinkable water. Not only do rainwater systems help to alleviate the burden currently placed on our natural resources but also provide tastier more functional household water. While the mineral-laden hard water typically found in Central Texas is great for local wineries and breweries, household faucets and residential hot water heaters quickly buildup obnoxious mineral residue.
What͛s more? Using rainwater requires much less soap to clean dishes and clothes. Rainwater is sales-tax free in Texas. And collection systems generally qualify for rebate incentives. Check with your local city office to see if you qualify.

Did You Know?

Over 300 rainwater systems were installed in Central Texas in 2017, creating the largest concentration of rain water collection tanks in North America.

Photo: Gutterman Raingutters in Fredericksburg installs residential and commercial rainwater collection systems throughout Central Texas. ͞Old World͟ galvanized tanks crafted in Dripping Springs, TX are a popular option.